How Volunteering Can Help You Hear Creator Better

Updated: Apr 1

We all instinctively know that there's something inherently good about volunteering. Helping others without any thought to yourself - there's something very special about that. One of my favorite things about the United States as a first generation American? The rich culture of volunteering. There are many countries where that isn't the case. This is one of the gazillion of reasons I love the US, and I love that I am American.

But, first, do you know what happens in your brain when you volunteer and are both glad to be there AND are enjoying it fully? Notice the word enjoy. There's nothing in ThetaHealing that says you need to self sacrifice or do things because you feel you should. In fact, it's better not to volunteer if you're doing it only because you feel you should. You won't reap any benefits from that.

There are a lot of things that volunteering does for your brain. These are some of the most exciting ones:

  • The National Institute on Aging reports that volunteering promotes brain activity and improves a person's cognitive health.

  • Harvard Health says that it reduces the feelings of stress.

  • Stanford University found that people who volunteer regularly tend to get sick less and live much longer than the rest of the population.

  • University of Pittsburg found volunteers who chose to help a particular person show increased activity in the reinforcement system - the group of neural structures in the brain that create a sense of pleasure in response to certain stimuli.

God knew what s/he was doing when s/he created us this way! You volunteer and help others - they get the help and support, and you also benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is what I call a win-win!

How Volunteering Helps you Hear Creator Better

1) Developing Brain Activity

In the mediation I take you through in Basic DNA class, what you're doing is using your brain and brain activity to connect to Creator. So the more you can develop these brain activity through volunteering, the easier it is to hear Creator and to see intuitive information - as images or as deep knowing.

2) Through Virtues

Another thing I teach you in Basic DNA is that the soul learns through virtues. One of the primary things the soul came to do in this lifetime is to learn virtues, experience them, grow from them. When you volunteer, you are mastering several virtues, including compassion, unconditional love, helpfulness, generosity, idealism, and service. The more virtues your soul is able to master, and you embody in your daily life - the easier it is to hear God.

Not that God needs you to master a lot of virtues to hear him/her. God doesn't require anything of you. God loves you unconditionally. But the subconscious (maybe even the soul) at times needs to feel that it deserves to hear God, and volunteering and practicing these virtues helps the subconscious get there easier. Certainly, you could command that Creator download these virtues to you. But unless you are actually practicing them, they don't then become a real part of you. Just like the physical body needs physical food - you can't just command it receive its vitamins and minerals from Creator - the soul needs to experience, live, breathe, embody virtues.

3) Taking Your Focus Off Yourself

Volunteering allows you to take your focus off yourself and your problems. The thing is, the more you focus on your problems - the more they grow. You don't actually create the life you want by focusing on your problems - but rather on what you're building. But it can be super hard to not obsess about your problems. Volunteering gives you that respite. The amazing thing that will start happening? When you volunteer and are full of those beautiful endorphins, magical things start to happen in your life. Solutions start showing up for your 'problems.'

4) Builds Gratitude & Humility

When we volunteer, we sometimes help those that might have less than us. What that does is help you truly understand how much you have and to be grateful for what you do have. Gratitude is a powerful manifesting emotion/force. Also, humility allows your brain and ego to step out of the way and allow Creator's abundance to fill your life. Without humility, the brain can think it knows it all or is expecting that abundance to come in a very specific way. But Creator is very creative - that's where we got it from! Creator loves to build and create in a way that surprises and delights us - and exceeds our wildest dreams. Without humility, we don't give Creator that space to do that in our lives. We have all these rules & regulations on Creator - and Creator does not function in that way.

This isn't to say you need to volunteer 40 hours a week. In fact, you brain might actually find that excessive depending on who you are. But even 3 hours a week works - if that's all you have to volunteer. The main point is to volunteer regularly. You can find tons of things on or even connect to your local church or community center. If you are already volunteering, good on you! Now you know how it's helping you hear Creator.


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