On Fallens (demons, entities, attachments): Why They’re Really Not That Scary

What if I told you that some humans currently alive used to be a fallen but came back to the light and God, and in this lifetime, they are the kindest, most loving individuals on the planet? Would you be less scared of fallens?

In ThetaHealing, Fallen is a word used to refer to things that are nastier than just a mild ghost. These are the demons, entities, things that attach to people and cause a lot of issues. They are lost and stuck in between planes, and they continue to do naughty things. They became lost and stuck in the first place because they went against the free will of other beings. So they ‘fell’ and became a fallen. Living an in-between miserable existence.

So, of course, they want to make as many humans as miserable as possible. They might not even realize that they can return to the light and God and become unfallen at any point.

Well, I have met humans where I received information that they were previously a fallen. But they were able to evolve and get back into the light. Pretty fascinating right! But, does that make them less scary to you? Hopefully so.

What this Says About Creator

That Creator is the most loving being that exists. Because noone is ever lost forever. Those that have done horrific things to others are still loved by God and can return to God. That is the epitome of unconditional love. To even be a fraction of that would be incredible. It takes great strength to love unconditionally. And that is what Creator is naturally.

Human nature says that if someone or something is of the dark or evil, then they are lost forever. That’s certainly not the case, and not what compassion would say. If you’ve taken a ThetaHealing class with me me, you might remember that the pink mist of the Law of Compassion is literally right outside God’s door - so there’s nothing higher than that until you get to Creator’s energy. Compassion is a power, pure energy.

Not Confusing Compassion with the Need for Discernment

It is very easy to assume that compassion means you always put others’ needs ahead of your own, including your own safety. And that’s certainly not the case. Discernment is also an important virtue. Discernment on how to behave that’s of the highest and best in any given situation.

Frankly, if you’re faced with a gang of robbers, while you might be able to see through the eyes of compassion the hardship that led to their choosing this life - it is your job to first thing of your safety.

And this applies to any situation. If you’re worn down, beaten down and not taken the time to care for yourself - you’re not going to have much of value to give others. Many a healer has learnt this lesson the hard way. While it can feel ‘selfish’ to be this way, that’s not actually what’s happening.

The True Meaning of Giving

When you are so expanded and so full of Creator’s energy, what you give to others from time, attention, kindness, things flows very easily and takes no effort. That is the true meaning of giving. If you have to sacrifice yourself in order to give, you are still stuck in a limiting belief. There is not true love or compassion from self sacrifice - that is an untrue perspective on what compassion for others truly mean.

And you must, before anything else, first have compassion for yourself and what you need. From there, you can add to that compassion for others. And both can be done simultaneously.

I’m sure you’ve interacted with others who are so selfish that it boggles the mind. That is taking the self-love thing to an extreme. But what I’ve discovered about that is that someone who is very selfish doesn’t actually love themselves. They are reacting to a program from childhood where noone loved them or they didn’t have all their essential needs met - so they are in a kind of mild PTSD state. They are on high alert, always ‘looking out for themselves’ because they believe noone else will. Or they’ll be taken advantage of..

That’s an exhausting way to live. But that isn’t what caring for yourself means. It means defining who you want to be and what you want in your life, including experiences. And cutting out everything that doesn’t fulfill that or get you there. And focusing solely and single-mindedly on what you’re trying to build in your life. And you can do all this while being a loving and kind human being.

If someone shows up on the scene whose behavior or attitudes take you away from who you want to be, the compassionate thing is to not include them in your life. Compassion for yourself. And compassion for them - in terms of not having to pretend you want to be around them. That’s actually not fair to them. It’s actually best to set people free so they can find the people who really do want them around.

Fake Kindness is Not Compassionate

When you’re fake kind to someone - kind because you feel you have to rather than because you actually want to - that creates a conflict within yourself. You’re putting yourself at war with yourself. While the goal is to get to a place where it’s easy to kind to all - and that’s just a part of you - until then, it’s best to be true to yourself.

So if you don’t feel like being kind to someone, don’t. But that isn’t license to be mean to someone either. You can simply be neutral and exhibit extremely good boundaries, and do not feel guilty about other people’s reactions about your boundaries. And then, if you want, you can use ThetaHealing techniques to dig into what’s behind your not wanting to be kind to them. Because there’s probably a limiting belief there that’s not helping you in your life.

Sometimes, the best kindness can be tough love. For people that you’re close to. When we impede others’ ability to grow and evolve by trying to shield them from all pain or making their decisions for them or not allowing them to work through obstacles and solving it for them - that is the biggest disservice one can do to another.

Back to the Fallens & Waywards

There’s a very quick way to take care of fallens and waywards - and that’s sending them to Creator’s light. That is being extremely compassionate to them because they are stuck and lost and need that help. That is also being compassionate to yourself and others because that’s increasing the amount of light in the world. Since fallens and waywards can intentionally increase the darkness and pain in the world.

If you’ve been or others you know have been ‘tortured’ by this type of darkness; by fallens - it definitely might not seem like an easy fix. They will use your weaknesses to try to weaken you further. If you have a slight addiction, they will work to turn it into a massive addiction. Your intense craving for those things could actually be them manipulating you.

The interesting thing I’ve discovered is that fallens are able to use the bad bugs in your body - especially certain types of fungus and if it is widespread in your body - to bring you down deeper into more and more and more darkness. This is done through cravings. Or through bad thoughts about others - things like resenting others. So fallens may actually orchestrate situations where you have a reason to be resentful towards others. Resentment makes fungus grow like crazy inside the human body (also taught in Basic DNA ThetaHealing).

When these bad bugs/fungus becomes so widespread in your body - your mind is no longer yours. When fungus gets into the brain, it can make you loopy and definitely not your true self. It becomes harder and harder to function in everyday life. And literally the darkness has swallowed you whole. And you are completely shut off from the light; from Creator’s light. Being shut off from Creator’s light is the worst hell that exists.

But there are very simple solutions to all this. Definitely don’t get caught up in any fear! They use fear of them as a way to hook into you. They are powerless - unless you give them power. So your tools are:

  1. Send them to Creator’s light immediately. Fallens need a 2-step process, as I teach in Basic DNA ThetaHealing.

  2. Live a healthy lifestyle that does not allow any openings for them - physically, emotionally, energetically

  3. Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive. In your everyday life, you’re going to have a lot of people doing a lot of things you can be resentful about. And that can pile up and block your energy and bring in this dark. Instead, find a way to bless anyone that treats you poorly and ask Creator to help you see the situation from Creator’s eyes. Forgiveness and compassion of those that harm you frees you! And empowers you. It is one of the most powerful feelings that exist.

Fallens & Waywards Cannot Harm You

Unless you let them. The dynamics that are shown on tv and movies are misleading. Dynamics of aggression; extra competitiveness; being a bully or even being bullied; that people are generally mean - that they generally just want to mistreat each other.

All this is actually not true. You can be ambitious and go for your dreams and goals without making it about a competition with others; that will ensure you don’t meeting your goals. Make it a competition with yourself! Challenge yourself to push and work towards what you want.

The way you live your life and how you think affects whether or not fallens or waywards can harm you. You can see the world as a safe, beautiful place and life as beautiful - or you can see the world as a dangerous place with out people out to get you. Either way, you’re right. What you believe is exactly what’s going to happen in your life.

And, so, if you want your life and yourself to be full of light - because that feels SO much better than being in the dark - you’ve got to live your life from the light. You cannot live any part of your life from the dark and expect there to be light in your life. That’s mathematically impossible :)

Living from the light means what you put in your body, in terms of foods; what you allow yourself to think; what you ingest in terms of information or on tv; who you surround yourself with - do they choose the light; how you decide to view life and others.

So if you’ve had enough, it’s time to say: ENOUGH. I’m 100% putting myself only in the light from this moment forward. And then you’ll see that it doesn’t matter if your manager at work is a darn liar and lies to you all the time - you can still be kind to him anyways. Every action has an effect, and it’s not really up to you to punish him since that's not your job! Your one and only job is to fulfill your soul purpose and to overcome all obstacles in your life. Capiche?

Final Thoughts

What if you were a fallen a very long time ago but returned to the light and God. How would that make you feel?

The moment you accept that even the darkness is a part of God is the moment you’ll stop being tortured by the dark. It will no longer bother you and also no longer be drawn to you in any way. For God is everything. Creator of All That Is. God is All That Is.

This, my friends, is the path to advancing spiritually and overcoming all the obstacles in your way. Because, as you learn in my ThetaHealing classes, those obstacles are just self-created after all through subconscious beliefs.

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