The Ego Helps You Expand: 5 Ways

There is a correct understanding in healing circles that egoism is bad. In other words, it gets in the way of your healing journey. And it’s almost impossible to manifest anything while being in an egotistical state.

But, what exactly is egoism? In some healing circles, the beliefs have gone so far as to claim any ego is bad. That one must almost act downtrodden in order to appear humble and not full of oneself.

Egoism is excessive ego. Having too much ego. So, it’s actually not getting rid of your ego altogether - which would be a very unhealthy thing. And I’ll explain more below why.

Full of Oneself

In a 2018 interview with Inc. Magazine, Oprah explained what being full of herself means to her: “When she is full of herself, she is also not afraid of "honoring" herself, which means allowing herself to receive respect and to step into her own power. In order to get to this point of fullness, however, it takes some work. "Your real work," Oprah details, "is to figure out where your power base is.”

Being full of yourself is understanding your power and literally allowing yourself to become energetically full of who you really are. That power usually stems from who you are at a soul level - who you really are. If you are not full of yourself nor work to become full of yourself, it is going to be challenging to have the will power to go after your dreams in life - let alone even allow yourself to dream or believe in them.

The Creator is full of Creator, in other words, the Creator is full of him/herself. Do you think the Creator could create all this magnificence and more if Creator wasn’t full of him/herself? Of course not. Creator is powerful. Creator is magnificent. Creator is all-encompassing. To aim to be like Creator is the grandest goal one can have.

If being full of oneself is good enough for the Creator, it is good enough for you.

The problem? People who don’t understand what being full of oneself is truly about will see you in that state and call you arrogant, conceited. However, if you’re full of yourself - you are not going to be unkind. But you are going to be very, very disciplined with your boundaries. Because you know exactly where you’re headed and what you’re not going to tolerate in your life from others - and even yourself.

When these individuals are rubbed the wrong way by you being full of yourself, the natural tendency is to try to tone it down. To pull back. To stop shining. Because that feels safer and also it is how we are generally conditioned. But it is a limiting belief. That there’s something wrong with being in one’s power. That it is unsafe to trigger others in this way. That you are a bad person for shining bright, and it might make others very uncomfortable because they are unable/unwilling to do that for themselves.

What Happens When there is Close to Zero Ego

Being close to zero ego is the same as being in the emotion of shame for a very long time. If you’ve seen the emotional scale or Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins that I share in my Basic DNA class, you’ll know that shame is the lowest emotion you can feel - energetically. And if anyone stays in that emotion for too long, their body can literally shut down and they can die. The body cannot stay at shame for long and survive.

The symptoms of having zero ego include depression, despondency, lack of vision for one’s future, and a lack of caring about one’s future. Having zero ego is not the same as being humble. And this is where, in our culture, things have gotten very, very mixed up and confused.

A healthy ego is what allows you to be able to have the confidence to dream and take action towards your dreams. Ego gives you that drive forward. Without it, you wouldn’t care about having dreams or even taking sometimes difficult steps in order to get to where you want to go. A healthy ego is also critical in establishing healthy boundaries - both energetic and emotional. Without a healthy ego, you allow anyone and anything to take what they want - but you’re not serving them nor serving you. But a healthy ego allows you to believe so strongly in what you want to create in your life, you cut out all the distractions and bad behaviors from others. Those that don’t want to get with your program - they cannot be in your life

To me, a healthy ego is the same as having a strong and determined will. And using that force to create the life you want - the life your heart desires.

The tricky thing is that we inherently just want to unconditionally love others. I believe we get this from Creator, since we are each a part of Creator. But in this third plane, it is possible to unconditionally love others, but without that meaning having poor boundaries. Because unconditional love from Creator’s perspective is sometimes tough love. And that’s what some people, including ourselves, need as a push to get them in the right direction of their soul purpose.

5 Ways Your Ego Helps You Expand

Being close to zero ego is the same as being in the emotion of shame for a very long time. If you’ve seen the emotional scale or Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins that I share in my Basic DNA class, you’ll know that shame is the lowest emotion you can feel - energetically. And if anyone stays in that emotion for too long, their body can literally shut down and they can die. The body cannot stay at shame for long and survive.

1) Pushes you to dream big - Real Big

The part of you that is keep within that has these yearning to live your soul purpose needs your ego in order for you to allow yourself to dream that big. Without the ego, that dream may lie buried deep within you for all your life. But your ego gives you the confidence to dream those big dreams that your heart/soul holds within you.

2) Helps you believe the dreams in your heart - your soul calling/purpose

If you didn't have an ego, those big dreams in your heart - your physically-aligned mind would shut that down faster than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The beautiful thing about your ego is that it is a dreamer. It is a magician. It isn't limited by the physical 'reality.' It can see beyond what's around it and dream of new worlds.

There is a reason God gave you an ego. God never makes a mistake in his/her creations. Just as the tonsils are actually important to have in your body, even if science doesn't yet recognize their importance and are randomly removing them - the ego is important to your spiritual growth. There are some spiritual circles that would have you believe you need to remove the ego - just as you would tonsils. Cut it out; discard it; throw it in the trash forever, - because it's bad. Not so.

3) Keeps you moving forward one step in front of the other - even when the obstacles in front of you are massive and seemingly insurmountable

Thankfully, with ThetaHealing, those obstacles that might stand in your way are not longer massive and seemingly insurmountable. But, you still need your ego to keep you moving forward with the internal work you need to do on yourself - as well as external steps you need to keep taking everyday.

This is true whether you are trying to heal from an illness or trying to manifest something in your life, including a soul mate.

Your ego is why you'd stay up till 1 am writing a weekly newsletter when all you want to do is sleep.

It helps you recognize and commit to what's important in your development as a person and as a spiritual being. Against all odds and discomfort.

4) Allows you to develop virtues that will help propel you forward even faster in your manifesting

When you give the ego any goal, nothing is impossible for it. When you tell it to jump, it will always say how high. It will not usually be the part of you that complains or whines. (That's your subconscious.) Your ego is a willing participant and is excited to help you achieve your goals. If it were up to the ego, you wouldn't even go to bed at all so you could get a lot done. Thankfully, your body doesn't allow that to happen. But it explains how some people are so obsessed with their goals and work that they don't actually need a lot of sleep. The scientist Tesla was one of those individuals.

In ThetaHealing, you learn that the soul is here to learn and master virtues. Virtues are not easy to master. You need a force that keeps you moving forward even when you keep falling flat on your face. That force is your ego. Your ego won't let you stay too long in a sense of defeat. She will tell you: to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get to it Sunshine!

Some of the virtues your soul is working to master can be found on this virtues list.

5) Makes life a lot more interesting and fun than it would be otherwise

Imagine a life with very little ego or no ego. What does that look like? Kind of boring actually. The ego creates magic in your life by helping you rise above a strictly physical existence and into living as what you truly are - a complex spiritual being surrounded by wonderful spiritual experiences.

I view the ego as a kind of alchemist in your being. It takes the raw matter and shapes it into a reality that you actually want - full of everything that is uplifting and joyful to you. A life where you can be consciously connected to the Creator 24/7 and live and create your life from that energy.

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