The Power of Saying No

Updated: Apr 20

you sometimes need to say yes to what you want by saying no to what you don’t want

When you first start out in ThetaHealing, odds are, you're going to have a lot of limiting beliefs in your subconscious to work through. After all, you've had a lot of experiences in life so far. Most were created by your existing limiting beliefs.

When you experience what you don't want, it makes you realize what you do want. You might even become grateful for the tough times because they allowed to finally figure out what you truly want - in your heart. But you might find yourself so beaten down by life and its hardships - and the past traumas - you might not even have the energy to desire what you truly want.

In your brain, you know you want these things. But you're having a hard time feeling it. Truly feeling it. You are so worn down by life.

Sometimes, all you have the strength to do is to first say no to what you don't want. No with the loudest internal voice you can muster. No with all your will power. No to the addiction. No to the people that are supposed to love you but make you feel bad about yourself everytime you interact to them. No to people who take advantage of you. No to a daily life and job that is slowly killing your soul. No to the paycheck-to-paycheck life. No to the hardships. No to the PTSD. No to the emptiness and loneliness. NO. NO. NO.

Sometimes, that is the only starting point you have. Mustering your willpower enough to know that you will no longer accept those things in your life which do not make you happy.

So write down now everything in your life you don't want. Then, using that, write down what you do really want.

If you had an addiction, for example, the only way to be free of that substance is to first day no the addiction. Then when faced with the urge, you can logicaly think through and say no to that lifestyle and where it will lead you. No, I don't want that. Only then can you say, yes, I want to be addiction-free, happy, and healthy.

The Subconscious Can Be a Tricky Player

The subconscious' job is to make you safe. It uses your past in order to keep you out of similiar situations in the future - through beliefs formed - so that you stay safe. So those old situations or traumas don't happen to you again. But, as you can see, the subconscious keeps you stuck to the past. Literally. It is only trying to help you, but it is keeping you stuck - when it comes to those limiting beliefs you formed.

If you were bullied by a female manager, you might then automatically conclude - all female managers suck. I will never again work for a female manager. But this keeps you locked in the cycle of the past. You live your life to serve that belief - missing out on many great opportunities and people. So you can go into a job interview for your dream job - but once you find out the manager is female, based on this belief you know have, you subconsciously sabotage yourself in that interview. An interview that you could excel in with your eyes closed.

The subconscious can be very easy to get mad at. After all, it is keeping you locked to a past you want to release. But it's best not to be angry at it because it runs everything in your body without you having to think about it. You just need to use your conscious mind to retrain it, to show it how you want to feel and what you want to belief.

The Truth? Limiting Beliefs (or Contracted Beliefs) Will Always Block Your Manifestations

Let's say there are two people: Julie and Jim (see the next page for the picture). Sally had a TON of abuse and trauma in childhood and even as an adult. So, of course, these experiences led to a TON of limiting beliefs. It's affected her health. Her financial situation. Her job situation. Her relationships. She's miserable in life. To no fault of her own. Her subconscious is creating in her life based on what she believes. She doesn't even realize this. These limiting beliefs are typically negative beliefs about life, about others, about oneself.

Jim, on the other hand, had a pretty happy childhood. It laid the foundation for some pretty awesome experiences as an adult. Here and there, he might run into difficulties, but he's able to work this way through any of these quite easily. He doesn't have a lot of limiting beliefs. He believes in the abundance of life and the general goodness of people. He hasn't had many reasons to mistrust people.

Who do you think is going to have an easier time manifesting something new in their life?

But Sally can become an easy manifestor like Jim. As soon as she gets many of these limiting beliefs out of her, with Creator's help, she is able to free her energy and body to attract in the good that she wants. But as long as those limiting beliefs, they act as a literal giant magnet to the things she doesn't want. Then she gets stuck in that vicious cycle.

The Power of the Creator

Many over the centuries have tried to describe what and who God is. The wise ones didn't even try because they knew it was futile. The Buddha is famously known for intentionally not answering any questions about what or who God is. I experience God everyday. And the deepest of those experiences, I am always brought to my knees in sheer humility and a deep, encompassing love.

A force that is this strong. Do you think there is anything in your life that God cannot heal or fix? But the mind can play tricks on you sometimes. It can make you belief that you don't matter to God. That God isn't going to waste his/her time on you. Or that maybe your problems are too large for God! The force that created everything! I do find that last part particularly funny. My brain has played that reasoning on me many times previously.

You Heal And Create Through Creator

You get to decide what you want in your life. You can also make it a lot easier for yourself to create it by working through Creator. There is no force greater or stronger in this world. No matter what your brain or body tries to make you believe.

And, the thing is, your connection to God is as natural as breathing. It's always there. But you're not always aware of it. Until you start to consciously work with it. Creator asks nothing of you and wants nothing of you. But simply to live the life you came to live - and the dream of that life is in your heart.

All you need to do is follow what your heart is telling you about what direction to go in. Listen to the things you are drawn to. What truly makes you happy. What truly lights you up. And helps you feel like you're creating your contribution to the world.

Creator? If I were to use any descriptor to describe God, it would be - unconditional love. It is the only thing I can use to describe the incredibleness that is God.

You've Got to do The Daily Work, Child of God

Everything through God, but you've got to do the daily work to heal, to create, to experience. You didn't come into this life to be on the side lines of your own life. But instead to be the hero or heroine of your own life story. To truly be the central character of your own life.

Without you - this story, this life doesn't exist. Capiche?

Action also tells your subconscious which direction you are going in - and what you are truly committed to, so it can help you move in that direction. But with action, it is wise to take guided action. You could spin your wheels for years taking the wrong action. Or you can check in with Creator (taught in ThetaHealing) and gain a deeper understanding of the right path for your to create what you want. It really is that simple.

Again, your mind is going to try to trip you up. You're not communicating with God. You're crazy. You're making it up. You're not special enough to talk to God. And on and on and on. At some point, you've got to trust and know the truth. And frankly tell the naysaying voice in your head to shut up because it hasn't gotten you where you want in the past.

So take that list of what you want and ask God to show you the best way to reach each. And write down the inspiration that comes.

If You Still Think It's Not Possible for Creator to Tell You How & To Open Doors For You

Each of these massively successful empires was started with a question to God/the Universe of how me the way:

Chicken Soup for the Soul - the author of this series asked the universe to show him a million dollar idea and that's how the idea eventually came to him

Spanx - the founder asked the universe for a sign that she had the right product idea when she first started & she got her answer

Steve Harvey - after three years homeless and chasing his dream as a comedian he said: 'God, I'm done. I can't do this anymore.' That same evening came his breakthrough phone call that changed his entire life.

Tami Simon - founder of Sounds True prayed to God “God, I’m willing to do your work, please show me what it is.”

And the list goes on and on. I could fill 10 books with examples - from everyday folks and from folks like these who are more well-known.

The Recipe is Simple

1) Have full faith in Creator

2) Communicate daily with Creator - this is your best friend

3) Take guided action

4) Do digging work to remove and replace as many limiting beliefs as possible (taught in ThetaHealing)

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