Trauma in the 2nd Chakra: The Truth & How to Finally Heal. And How That Helps You Manifest Faster!

The second chakra is right below your belly button and is known to be closely associated with our sexuality and sensuality. Freud called this energy the libido. It is also a very essential life force you need to fully thrive.

First Defining What Sexuality/Sensuality Means

There is so much misinformation about this, that it’s important to first define what I’m referring to. Sexuality isn’t about sex or being sexual with someone. It has nothing to do with another person. It’s about an energy flow inside you coming from the second chakra - it’s part of your life force energy. It allows you to thrive, build, create, manifest.

When someone is full of this life force energy from the second chakra, they have this strong magnetism. People of all genders are drawn to them - in a positive way. Even animals are too! They glow and are full of life. Their lives flows and unfolds with ease.

The Job of the Second Chakra

The job of the second chakra is to make you feel good. It gives you information on what doesn’t feel good and what does. If you don’t listen, that’s when issues start happening. If you force yourself into situations that don’t feel good, your second chakra shuts down more - making it hard for this energy to flow.

The more you feel good, the more that chakra expands and is able to hold more positive energy - thus, the more good you feel again.

The second chakra is also the place of emotional connection to others. You take in information about others through the third chakra, so empathy, but it is the second chakra where you’re open to the energies and emotions of others. So if you have frequent issues with your gut, like IBS, etc., this is exactly why.

So the second chakra is where you leak energy to other people or other’s people’s energies/emotions comes in. This can happen in any of the chakras, but it is usually through the second.

Finding Balance

But, in life, sometimes you have to do things you don’t like in order to build what you want. For example, at your job or if you're building your business. The trick here is to seek to find something to enjoy or be grateful for even in these things that you dislike. Because if you stay in the emotion of non-enjoyment or other negative emotions, that really shuts down your sacral chakra.

When The Second Chakra Becomes Shut Down

Trauma in the second chakra has a shakiness to it in the body - usually in your cells. It can be a buzzing or shaking. Sexual abuse, abuse of power, and betrayal of love - all negatively damage and traumatize the second chakra.

This can lead to being either down down sexually or being hypersexual - so either of the extremes.

Any kind of childhood abuse is an invasion of the child’s boundaries. So the child cannot form boundaries after that because they never had the sanctity of their own body and boundaries. Thus, this can lead to a too open second chakra that takes in all kinds of non-beneficial energies in and is easily influenced and controlled by harmful energies of others.


Come back to ownership of your own body and your own place.

It’s vital to be aware of your own energy and what feels like your own place/your own energy. When someone else’s energy is in your space, then you’ll know when this happens. Because you’re very familiar with your true energy. When a foreign energy comes into your second chakra, clear it out of the chakra - through Creator using ThetaHealing.

All the chakras working synergistically. It’s very important for the first chakra to be grounded, in order for the second chakra to function normally. The first chakra helps us get in ourselves - and when you are in yourself, you can set good, strong boundaries in the second chakra. There are good first chakra exercises you can do, and also a good grounding exercise is connecting to the center of Mother Earth and bringing that energy up into your body.

Since the second chakra is all about fluidity and its symbol is water, being fluid in life can help strengthen it. That means occasionally not being tied to the clock or your calendar and just doing whatever feels good you one that moment. Maybe you could do that on your weekends. No appointments, deadlines, and no clocks! Just see where the wind and your heart takes you.

If healthy and strong boundaries are an issue for you, especially due to childhood abuse, you need to start saying no. And frequently. To anything that doesn’t feel good to you. NO! If there’s something you don’t want, say no. Whether it is spending time with friends or things at work. Do only what feels right to you. If you are ultra flexible with everyone in your life - that is harming you so incredibly much. Especially your second chakra. Also, work with ThetaHealing to find the bottom belief that allows this to continue and have Creator change that. You don't need to have open boundaries to everyone - there is nothing spiritual or holy about that. You’re harming yourself over and over and over.

What a Strong Second Chakra Means For Your Life

It means a lot of life force flowing you through you - which feels INCREDIBLE. Easy and rapid manifestations because you’re magnetizing to you exactly what you want. Did you not realize that your body actually acts like a crystal? Your body is a giant crystal.

Not taking on other people’s energies! Particularly when doing things like ThetaHealing sessions on clients. Or if you’re generally a sponge for others’ energies - that’s usually the 3rd and 2nd chakras having a role in that.

When you have emotions coming up in you, what that energy wants to do is move up and out. If you repress it because you don’t want to feel it - all that energy gets stuck in you which is unhealthy. Rather than be released in a healthy way. It’s important to let emotions move up and out of you. You’re not losing your mind or being erratic. This is a really healthy way to process emotions.

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